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Guitar-Piano-Voice-Bass Guitar-Ukulele-Music Theory-Acting

Music is at the heart of all our lives. “Pomp and Circumstance” welcomes us into adulthood, “Cannon in D” walks us down the aisle, and “Shout” got us out on the dance floor. No matter who you are, or what you do, life would not be as full and as rich without that soundtrack playing in your life.

So why not become an instigator of music rather than a spectator? Joe Mondragon is an accomplished musician with years of teaching experience helping kids and adults realize their potential as musicians. Whether your goal is to play Carnegie Hall or entertain at the next family get together, Joe can help you achieve what you’re after. His teaching style caters to each student’s individual learning style, teaching what they want to learn, rather than forcing musical opinions on them. Through his methods, kids and adults have grown into their own as artists and gained discipline, higher brain function, and learned to have fun with music.

What to Expect:

With an education from the Pepperdine University and University of Colorado Denver in fine arts and music industries studies, Joe Mondragon is well versed in music theory, songwriting, music composition, technique, and auditions. Teaching students for the past 3 years, Joe specializes in younger and beginning students instilling a passion and fire for music inside his students instead of focusing purely on classic methods of teaching. Each student is unique and must be treated as such. The curriculum reflects this, teaching students what they want to learn, rather than what the teacher forces upon them.

Half Hour Lessons: $30

45 Min. Lessons: $40

Hour Lessons: $50

Scholarships are available based on the students talent, dedication, and family income. These rates are $20 per each half hour taught. Contact Joe for inquiries into this service.

Contact: Beatlejoeman@gmail.com

Text: (303)437-9463

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